The #1 cause of bankruptcies is medical expenses (USA Today, 5/5/2017) and 68% of those people had standard medical insurance. When do people discover what kind of coverage they have?...when they have a medical issue...then it may be too late.

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An Introduction

Welcome to the FREEDOM AGENCY.  For more answers to this #1 Problem, determine if you are seeking a PERSONAL SOLUTION, a BUSINESS SOLUTION, or a WELLNESS COMMUNITY SOLUTION.  This site is divided into these 3 categories.  If you are looking for Personal or Family Insurance, look in PERSONAL SOLUTIONS. If it's Business Insurance you're looking for, click on BUSINESS SOLUTIONS.  

The website is also organized into our 3 unique categories of products and services:  PROTECT, IMPROVE, and PROSPER. Here is your explanation:

PROTECT:  empowering people with financial solutions which include insurance, legal protection, identity theft protection, and cyber security

IMPROVE:   educating people with time-proven principles through the services of financial education, debt removal, and credit repair and the #1 professional and personal leadership development organization in North America. 

PROSPER:  enabling people with financial resources and to fulfill their dreams with income increase strategies and wealth accumulation services

Their goal is to help develop 1 million financially free households in America who escape the financial matrix, buy back their time, and then have time to serve society.  They will serve by using real solutions to put their families back on track, communities back on track, and America back on track.  Let us know if you want to be one of the 1 million!

If you are not finding what you are looking for, let us know.  We will help you in any way we can.  We know many people in many different industries.  We would be happy to refer you to someone if we can not help you directly.  Let us know! 

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