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WHY?  The #1 cause of bankruptcies in America is medical bills, according to according to the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) in USA Today and Fortune Magazine.  It's even worse for those who want the best care possible--with natural, alternative or complimentary care (a better term).  You are stuck with huge out-of-pocket expenses that insurance does not cover (or will not cover)!   With protection from Family Heritage, they pay you money directly for covered claims, and you can use that money for complimentary care, supplements, naturopathic treatments, travel to the best care providers, etc.!  Even better, if you never file a claim, you get ALL your money back!  It's called "Return of Premium."  Family Heritage rewards you for staying healthy!  Contact us for more information or read "Our Story" below for a comprehensive explanation.

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Why don't insurance companies pay hardly anything for alternative medicine and treatments?   Chris' upbringing and education helped him discover how those of us desiring alternative care can obtain the best health care and financial fitness possible. The best thing is if you never use the benefits you get all of your premium back!  You are rewarded for maintaining good health! 

A Story from Wellness to Insurance 

  Mount Sopris

Being born and raised in Colorado, Chris grew up enjoying the mountains and nature. He also loved science. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science and Management from the University of California at Davis. 

He attended college with Ingrid Lundberg, whose family owns Lundberg Family Farms' organic rice farm and business.  

Lundberg Family Farms
Ingrid Lundberg Ingrid Lundberg

After researching and touring their farm in Richvale, CA, he wrote his senior thesis on sustainable agriculture based on their organic farm. 

He took this heart for health & wellness into the family insurance business. He found one company, Zurich Insurance, that offered major medical coverage and would reimburse policy holders for their Mannatech products every year.  The policy still only provided conventional medical care, and little alternative care, but this was a start!  However, after 2 years they closed the plan due to insufficient participation.  :-(   Then Chris heard about his new grandmother-in-law, Joyce, in Parachute, CO.  She was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.  She flew to the Mayo Clinic in Wisconsin, but they gave her 6 weeks to live.  She was too far gone to begin treatment (base on their knowledge and technology at the time.  Perhaps today it would be different).  Providentially, her grandaughter told her about a tv ad she saw about the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Tulsa, OK.    Joyce quickly called them to investigate.  They answered all of her questions.  Fortunately she had 6 figures of cash in the bank to start treatment.  She hung up the phone and withing 24 hours she was in emergency surgery.  After a radical mastectomy, she was given the best nutrition, taken off processed sugar, given Essiac Tea and Ambrotose by Mannatech.  Staff prayed for her daily and led her and her husband to Christ.  They also gave her stress management counseling (these things are now called "Integrative Therapies").  In other words, she received the best care possible and she lived 12 1/2 years.  Cancer never did take her!  She, unfortunately, passed away from complications due to a fall accident at the age of 76.  However, she accomplished everything she wanted and finished her race strong and in good health up until then!   

The Revelation 
Chris wished everyone could have that kind of care, but he could not find it.  You had to have $100,000 or more to get that kind of care. Then Providence struck again.  In August, 2017, Chris met Dan Churchill from Nebraska who represented Family Heritage.  After 22 years of searching Chris finally found one of the best ways to receive the best medical care possible--including alternative medicine or complementary care.  Chris was somewhat familiar with supplemental insurance but he never know that funds could be used for complementary care, wellness supplements, travel to the best specialists, etc.  Now Chris has found no better way for you to help guide your own medical treatment than with the funds you receive from a critical illness and accident plan with Family Heritage. The company pays you directly after a covered medical diagnosis and you can use those funds for wellness products, treatments, and services. You can also use the funds to travel to any practitioner or alternative care provider. This becomes an integral part of your Financial Fitness plan that the Freedom Agency helps you create. Remember, you get all of your premiums back if you never file a claim. You are rewarded for staying healthy!  
This is a win-win scenario.  If you have a major illness or accident you have $1,000's or $100,000's of protection--the funds to get the best care possible when you have a satisfactory standard medical plan.  If you never need the coverage, you get all of your premiums back at the maturity date!  The only way you win is to not have coverage.

The Sad Numbers 
Health care is the #1 cause of bankruptcies.  Shockingly, 68% of those people filing bankruptcy had standard insurance.  Most of them probably felt they had good insurance.  But when did they discover the contrary?  Yes, when they had a major illness or accident.  The article states "unfortunately, having health insurance in no way guarantees that you won't fall victim to medical debt."  Why is this?   Insurance covers Direct Costs.  It does not cover Indirect Costs. There are many things that major medical does not cover.  Alternative care accounted for 11.2% of people's uncovered, out-of-pocket expenses.  Direct costs are covered by major medical.  Indirect costs are not covered.

Look at this!  MOST costs are not covered.  What are these costs?  This article from the balance states: "As the research shows, health insurance won't completely protect you. Many people were bankrupted by high deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses. You should have at least the amount of your deductible in savings."  People are not filing bankruptcy because of merely their deductible.  These uncovered out-of-pocket expenses are:   

  • Lost Income and Savings
  • Increased Living Expenses
  • Insurance Limitations (deductibles, coinsurance, co-payments, limits)
  • Travel for the Best Treatment
  • In-Home Care
  • Child Care
  • Alternative Medicine and Treatments

Here are the statistics for direct and indirect costs related to accidents:

MD Anderson is a foremost leader in cancer treatment.  They explain these un-insured out-of-pocket expenses.  "Cancer treatment can be very expensive, even if you have health insurance. For many cancer survivors, the cost of diagnosis and treatment can have a lasting financial impact. Here are some of the financial issues faced by cancer survivors:  

  • Cancer treatment costs not covered by insurance and other out-of-pocket payments can result in significant debt that lasts long after treatment has ended.
  • Survivors who can no longer work will lose health, disability and life insurance benefits provided by their employer.
  • Difficulty finding a job that offers health, disability and life insurance benefits.
  • Some insurance companies may not pay for cancer treatments that they consider experimental, such as treatments done as part of a clinical trial.
  • Patients who receive treatment outside their hometown or state face additional costs of travel, lodging, meals and other living expenses."
Unexpected Expenses
THE SOLUTION! The Good News is you can have coverage for all of these indirect, uncovered costs and prevent the #1 cause of bankruptcy. There is a solution for the wellness industry!  Protect your family and your business assets!  Make sure you pass on a good legacy by securing coverage with Family Heritage.  Watch this video explanation.

Now call or email a professional today to receive your no-obligation quote.  Call (970) 456-3771 or email CLVashus@FinancialFitnessInfo.com.

You Can Be a Part of a $1 Billion Solution!

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"Out-of-pocket spending on these approaches for Americans age 4 and older amounts to an estimated $30.2 billion per year, according to the 2012 NHIS"

The vision of this Wellness Solution is to help bring $1 Billion of new money into the Wellness Community and into Wellness or Complimentary Care products and services.  Do you see how that would promote the Wellness Revolution!  Do you want to join The Solution?  There are different ways to be involved.  Choose 1, 2, 3, or all 4 options:

1)  Become a Customer of Family Heritage and receive the medical protection that rewards you for staying healthy!  If you need coverage, it pays you cash that you can use for your complimentary care, if you have covered medical problems.

2)  Become a Financial Fitness Customer and get out of debt, pay less taxes, and increase your income.  March your way from Financial Security into Financial Freedom!  Get free and fund your dream and purpose--including the Wellness Revolution!   

3)  Become an Agent with The FREEDOM AGENCY and with Family Heritage.  Work for yourself, but not by yourself, by helping protect families and businesses.

4)  Become a member of The FREEDOM AGENCY as a member of LIFE.  Help people with all 3 areas:  Financial, Professional, and Personal Development.  Start by becoming your own best customer, then learn how to grow a learning community of people who follow the same example.  

Now, for more information or to request an interview: 

CALL (970) 456-3771 or EMAIL ChrisV@financialfitnessinfo.com

Mount Sopris
Mount Sopris in Western Colorado
UC Davis
UC Davis research fields

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